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About Pulse

Youthful and truthful

Pulse Living Manifesto

The time of being a student at college and the early years of shaping one's working role, is probably the most exhilarating one. The years, filled with dreams, with ideas, a sense of care for the world is often reflected in many with the keenness to make a positive impact. It is also a time of limited resources, a time where one would like to do so many things at the same time, be travelling to so many places, discover people and the world, with an immense openness to learn and share!

Pulse is an attempt to bring together a community of such passionate, kind, and idealistic people, of ideas and dreams, together in our own small and sincere way. It is a place, where one can have their own space and home and yet be able to access a social and secure environment of common rooms, common resources and common times together. Most often, the travellers at heart and the explorers who have left their places of growing up, to either study or work, are keen to discover new places and people. Pulse Living could be their home.

Pulse Living as a Co-Living initiative, has Studios and Apartments to rent for Young Professionals and Students who can stay there during their most happening years of exploration in one's life before cosying down to a settled life of one's calling. We expect the residents to be living there from anywhere between 6 months to 2 years, and at times extend their stay for up to 4 years based on individual circumstances. The residents have their own cosy fully furnished home and space with a private kitchenette, bathroom, to be in privacy at choice – and also be able to access many more things by pooling together or sharing resources in our common rooms, common laundry and spaces. 


We will stock up the common room with great books, some amazing movies/ documentaries, and hopefully lot of residents from around the world, who make up Pulse Living. A Common Kitchen where one can cook things together with other residents and dine together, a place for Laundry and hang around and chill or study act as the hubs of activity.  A centre manager, caretaker and resident volunteer leaders, will want to make the residence a joyful, secure and inspiring one! 

It is the Young (note that the concept of Young is Not a matter of ones Age, but the a Way of Life! Akin Zen Beginner’s Mind) of the world, who care for the planet, for the place they live in, form the foundation of the greater achievements of tomorrow. We want to create a home for them away from their growing up home, run them in a happy, successful and sustainable way, so that the message and the platform can grow to benefit as many as possible – residents, community of small businesses around the residents and the Pulse Living platform itself. We at Pulse Living and Park Street, gained so much of energy, inspiration and insights from so many of young students and professionals filled with ideas, ideals and ambitions and hence want to make Pulse Living a place where many of such beliefs can find home for those amazing years in life!

What is Pulse Living?


Thriving Community

Sharing dinner and thoughts, creating new pulse initiatives, and discovering new ways of living by being a part of the joyful pulse social life.

  • A common kitchen to greet, meet & eat

  • Common room with books, magazines, music & movies

  • Laundry space designed as lounge to hang out

  • Indoor games as playgrounds for friendships

Managed Home

Your own private home, with your rent covering the utilities and WiFi access, with a center manager always around the corner. Easy and simple living.

  • One price including all utilities and WiFi

  • Simple, easy and transparent invoicing

  • Fully furnished studios with kitchenette and Bathroom

  • Center manager and Caretaker easy to reach


Inspiring Environment

An ever-evolving environment for your dreams and ambitions to flourish, in an local eco-system, doing our part to make the world better.  

  • Engaging with local area and other Pulse locations

  • Strong focus on caring for the planet

  • Residents encouraged to shape the daily life of Pulse

Check out our Pulse Journal

Thoughts and Efforts of Many behind Pulse


Leyla Eflund

Has been part of Pulse from the very beginning; shaping Pulse.

IMG_1967 2.JPG

Linnea Norengaard

Part of the front line team; our residents are getting the best.


Heather Roger

Besides being on the frontline, she is managing our Instagram.

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