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  • Lucia de Usera del Valle

Moving to Copenhagen

Updated: May 10, 2021

Copenhagen was for me just a stop on my journey, but after more than six years it has become a home.

Why did I make the decision

Copenhagen is known for its architecture and that is one of the big reasons why I decided to move here. As an architect I find that every corner of the city has its own interesting buildings, squares, design…could walk around for hours and hours.

I moved there in 2015 after finding a job. At that time, I was living in the Austrian Alps in a small village, and I got the opportunity to work in Copenhagen. I didn't think about it for a second and decided to move here within a week's time.

First hand impression

Did I have any worries? Yes, of course I did. I didn't know anyone in the city, I was moving further and further from my family and friends and to a country with 6-8 hours of daylight in winter!!! but that didn't stop me from moving to the most cycling-friendly city and happiest country in the world!

I remember my first day of work, I came with my latin mentality and asked my colleagues to go out for a beer after work. All of them looked at me with a funny face and said: let's plan that for next month. I was shocked! I was worried that in Denmark, if I have to plan 1-2 months in advance to meet people.

With time everything came naturally: friends, activities to do, a place to live, my favorite café, the best pizza place in town, nature at your fingertips… I even started to like winter!

The thing that I most enjoy about Copenhagen is definitely the cycling life and everything that goes around it: cycling tours, summer nights out, incredible community, being able to move from one corner of the city to the other side in less than 30 min.

Getting settled in

The biggest challenges for me were to meet people and the weather. Of course, coming from one of the warmest countries in Europe did not help 😊 and I guess it would have been easier to come as a student or moving into a student housing where I could meet other people.

In my first two months in Copenhagen, I changed apartments 3 times, I lived in Østerbro, Nørrebro and finally got a long-term room in a shared apartment in Nordvest.

During my search I visited a lot of different apartments: some will have the shower in the kitchen, others will be located on the 5th floor and have a communal shower in the basement, in few you would enter your room through another room or even worse: in some you would even have to share your bed!

It is not easy to settle and find a nice place from the beginning, it takes time and a lot of headaches.

After a week, I bought a bike and started discovering all the different spots in the city, always carrying my camera. I joined a danish course where I met a lot of international people and started hanging up with them and having an active social life.

My home: Copenhagen

Today I consider Copenhagen my home. I have my family and friends here, I have lived in 7 different apartments and finally found “the one” in a neighborhood I love, I now enjoy both winter and summer, I have had more than 20 different bikes and have tried all the rides around Copenhagen and if I feel nolgastic I just need to take a 3 hour plane.

Lucia and Pulse

When I first joined the team, the idea of Pulse Living was already there. From the first moment I heard about it I was already captivated by it and a lot of ideas started to come into my head.

The good thing about stepping in at the beginning of something is that there are a lot of possibilities to contribute to it. I feel lucky to have been part of helping shape and develop Pulse Living

Principally, I helped develop Pulse Living from the design part of it, how it should look: how can it be attractive to students and young professionals, what facilities it should have, what approach the team should take to the residents and the overall design of it.

I hope that Pulse Living will be a home for everyone that lives there, where they will feel comfortable and will have all their needs met.

Every person that lives at Pulse Living should feel that if they have a problem, a question, a suggestion or are in need of help they can always count on us. The team is there to help shape a home for everyone that lives there.

We want people to be involved and feel part of Pulse Living. With everyone's effort, Pulse Living will keep growing and will be in more locations around Copenhagen, there will be more events and more facilities to offer.



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