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About Pulse

Youthful and truthful

What is Pulse Living?


Thriving Community

Sharing dinner and thoughts, creating new pulse initiatives, and discovering new ways of living by being a part of the joyful pulse social life.

  • A common kitchen to greet, meet & eat

  • Common room with books, magazines, music & movies

  • Laundry space designed as lounge to hang out

  • Indoor games as playgrounds for friendships

Managed Home

Your own private home, with your rent covering the utilities and WiFi access, with a center manager always around the corner. Easy and simple living.

  • One price including all utilities and WiFi

  • Simple, easy and transparent invoicing

  • Fully furnished studios with kitchenette and Bathroom

  • Center manager and Caretaker easy to reach


Inspiring Environment

An ever-evolving environment for your dreams and ambitions to flourish, in an local eco-system, doing our part to make the world better.  

  • Engaging with local area and other Pulse locations

  • Strong focus on caring for the planet

  • Residents encouraged to shape the daily life of Pulse


Pulse Journal

Our neighbours


Pico Pizza

Pico does pizza in a new way. We make smaller organic sourdough pizzas, so you can try different flavours.
Try our ‘Pico Trio’ and choose three optional sourdough pizzas from our menu.



SATS Group is the leading provider of fitness and training services in the Nordics.
With our vision to make "People Healthier and Happier", we play an important role in our members' health, quality of life and society as a whole.


NOR: nordic health house

NOR: offers yoga, training, body treatments, physiotherapy, diet guidance, osteopathy, coaching, psychotherapy, psychologists.
We host educations, courses and workshops and have a cozy café where we serve the best coffee and a light bite to eat.


Kösk Kebab

Delicious Turkish food for takeaway and table orders. As one of the oldest and most famous restaurants in Denmark, Kösk Kebab has over 20 years of experience in serving skewers, Turkish pizza, shawarma and much more.

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