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Your questions answered

How do I find a studio?

You are welcome to browse through the studios on our website where you can also view virtual tours. 


Once you choose a studio you like, register your interest by filling out a short form and we’ll get in touch by email. 


You’re also welcome to call us directly at +45 53 72 85 83.

Can more than one person live in a Studio? Are children allowed?

Studios are suited for single occupancy only. 


Studio Plus and Studio Premium are designed to be spacious studios for one person but it is also possible for two. If a married or in-relationship couple would like to rent them, these studios are suitable as well. A parent and child is also possible. They are not, however, suitable for a family of three or more. This is as per the guidance according to Folkeregistret.

Apartment Premiums are two-bedroom apartments, available for sharing or larger families. These apartments can accommodate up to four CPR registrations.

Can I have pets?

No, unfortunately you're not allowed to have pets of any kind.

Is the building non-smoking?

Yes. Smoking or any kind is not permitted on Pulse premises.There is a strict “NO SMOKING” policy at Pulse therefore: if you smoke in your room, or any common areas, this will result in losing your full deposit.

Are short term leases available?

No, our minimum lease contract is one year.

What's included in my rent?

Included in the rent are furnishings mentioned in your contract (bed, desk, chair, wardrobe), a private kitchenette with a small refrigerator and cooking range, your own private bathroom, the building’s general WiFi internet, as well as the utilities (electricity, heating and water). 


In addition to the building’s WiFi internet, you are welcome to independently purchase your personal internet connection subscription.

Can I request an unfurnished room?

Yes. You can discuss that with the Pulse representative while planning the move-in. However, we are unable to make adjustments to the rent charges therefore whether you wish to have the room furnished or not, the price will remain the same.

How much is my deposit?

The first invoice which is to be paid at lease signing consists of three elements:

  • First month’s rent

  • A deposit equal to three months rent

  • One month prepaid rent (to be applied as the last month’s rent of your lease)

Is there a laundry facility on site?

Yes, we have a comfortable laundry lounge, shared by all residents, with several washing and drying machines in the basement. 

We have signed up with Nortec for handling our laundry machines. You will receive an electronic laundry key when you move-in which you activate by downloading the app ‘EVaskeri’ and creating your account. It is then possible to both book and pay through the EVaskeri app, independent of your monthly rental fees.

In what condition should my room be in at departure?

You need to deliver the room in the same condition as it was at the time of check in.

When checking-out, together with you, we go through the room and note what needs to be done in order for the room to be in the same condition it was when checking-in.

Any expenses needed will be deducted from your security deposit.

Is there secure bicycle parking?

Yes, we have free bike parking.


The bicycle parking is accessible at the street level only with your electronic key.


For maintaining and doing small bike repairs, our on-site team is capable of lending out basic equipment.

What are the common areas?

Our common areas have full kitchens, dining tables and lounge sections.


The two common kitchens, which are shared between all Pulse residents, are equipped with a large fridge, freezer, and oven. Dinnerware and other standard kitchen accessories are also available for common use.


There are multiple restrooms in the common areas. 


Pulse Østerbro has a courtyard, accessible to first floor residents only.

​Is CPR registration available with my Studio?

Yes, you may register for your CPR number here Be sure to click on the option of “Rental Contract” when registering. Be sure to register immediately after you’ve moved in.

Can I get Housing Benefit (Boligstøtte)?

You can check your eligibility and apply for Housing Benefit (Boligstøtte) via Udbetaling Danmark.

What are the security features?

All residents receive an electronic key upon their move-in which secures restricted entrance and floor access. All elevators and stairwells require the electronic key for access. Some residents have a separate mechanical key for their rooms.


We have surveillance cameras at the front and back entrances, laundry and parking.

What is the neighbourhood like?

Østerbro is a vibrant haven of community and creativity, with exclusive shops and green areas just around the corner.

Where do I reach out to my fellow Pulse neighbours?

There are several platforms where Pulse residents can communicate. Firstly, there is a closed Facebook page, strictly for residents at Tåsingegade 29 where announcements and other Pulse events are posted.  


Secondly, we have a few WhatsApp groups we use to socialise. This is where residents can reach out to the center manager, caretaker or other residents with issues or to make plans for social activities.

Are there any Pulse community activities?

Pulse Living is shaping a community for Young Professionals and Students, where living is easy, joyful and dynamic. Pulse residents often get together for events organised by Pulse and by the residents themselves.

What kind of Pulse events are there?

We follow the energy of our residents. 

Examples of events are: 

  • cultural themed dinners

  • parties

  • sightseeing

  • joining the cultural life of Copenhagen

Can I reserve a room?

Reservation is only possible for a limited time while your lease contract is underway. Tenants need to sign and pay within 3 business days.


After that period, the reservation will be closed and the room may be allocated to someone else.

How do I pay?

We accept bank transfers and encourage all tenants to sign up for the Pengeinstitutternes Betalingsservice (PBS) which is the most commonly accepted payment service used in Denmark.


If you have a Danish Bank Account, you can set up an agreement with PBS. This will ensure that your bills will be automatically paid and avoid the risk of late fees.  


Payment is the last step of finalizing the lease. When the proof of payment has been received, you and a Pulse representative will arrange your move-in date and discuss the details about your stay.

Do you need my personal identification?

Yes, we will need a copy of a commonly accepted personal identification document (photo ID, like a passport or driver’s license). 


When you've made a reservation we will ask for you to provide this in a follow-up mail.

When can I move-in?

Move-ins can be scheduled Monday through Friday between the hours 8.30-16:00. All move-ins need to be scheduled in advance with a Pulse representative.

What if I'm late for the move-in?

In the event that you are delayed on the day of your arrival, you must inform the Pulse representative to reschedule at +45 53 72 85 83.

How do I register my address?

If you are a Pulse resident you will need to register your address at Folkeregisteret at


If you live on the 2nd or 3rd floor you will need to register your address via the email above as those floors are not in the dropdown menu on the website.


Example: for room 236 on the 3rd floor is: Tåsingegade 29, 3. sal, Room 236, 2100 København Ø.


If you have any issues you’ll need to contact Folkeregisteret directly.

How do I receive packages?

We have mailboxes on each floor.


If the package is sent by PostNord, then it may be delivered to your mailbox. If it is too large, PostNord will leave a package slip explaining when and where to pick up your package. 


For all other courier services, arrangements must be made to pick up the packages outside the building.

What are the terms for terminating my Lease?

Following standard rules for lease contracts, you're able to terminate at any time, by giving a minimum of three months notice, counted from the end of the month in which you give notice.

A Pulse representative will reach out to you to discuss the move-out procedure. You can review the move-out checklist for things to keep in mind.

In what condition should my room be in at departure?

We expect you to deliver the room in the same condition as it was at the time of check in.


When checking-out, a Pulse representative will go through the room with you and carry out an inspection of the room.


Any damage or repair expenses needed to restore the room will be deducted from your deposit.


A mandatory fee for professional basic cleaning will be charged for all move-outs. This ensures all new tenants have a clean room to welcome them. If the room is not cleaned at all a professional deep cleaning will be charged.


Please note that a mandatory fixed fee for painting the room, will be charged for all move-outs.

View the complete Move-Out Checklist.

Can I stay until the last day of my lease?

No, move-outs must take place no later than one week before the lease expires. 


This move-out date must be scheduled with a Pulse representative - preferably one month in advance.

What should I do if I lose my key?

In the event of a lost key you must contact a Pulse representative for a new key(s). The cost of coding a new electronic key is DKK 150 and the cost of a new mechanical key is DKK 200, and you will be billed on your next invoice.


Electronic keys can be coded during the opening hours, but replacement of the mechanical keys need to be outsourced, which can take about a week.

Is there a plug-in for TV?


Is there insurance included?

No, if you wish you may purchase your own household insurance (Indboforsikring).

How do I dispose of waste?

Each Pulse resident is responsible for removing their own waste and properly disposing it. 


Please note that placing your garbage bags in the hallway outside your door is not permitted


There is a designated waste sorting room at street level with available containers (for paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, batteries, bio and household waste).

What if I have an issue?

We have a Center Manager and a caretaker ready to help you with any issue. 


We have a page on our website where residents should report issues. Our Center Manager is also on call during office hours with any questions.

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